Future Events

Sept 29 & 30

My play, “The Joy of Little League” has been selected to be part of the 4th Annual Gary Garrison Playwriting Festival,to be held in the Studio Theatre at Beaumont Community Players Fri. & Sat, Sept 29 & 30 at 7:00 pm.  BTW, “The Joy of Little League” and other of my award-winning comedy scenes are part of a collection of 8 short comedies titled COMEDY FOR ALL SEASONS, that will make a fun evening for the entire family (PG-13)!

Saturday, July 15

Sherri Small Ansley will perform the monologue SANDY THOMPSON, written by Patricia Barry Rumble. The monologue is based on a interview with Sandy Thompson who was a WASP (women air service pilot) and the first American woman to fly a bomber in WWII … a B 26.

The piece will be performed at 3 pm as part of a series of seminars for the women pilots. Photos courtesy of TWU WASP archival – Sandy Thompson and Avenger Field.

Monday, July 24

Wordsmyth Theater of Houston Texas turned 10 years old this summer! So we are celebrating.  We are producing readings of sections of works in progress or short works by the Houston playwrights we have featured including Warren Holleman, Patricia Barry Rumble (co-writer, Nicholas Collier), William Duell, Arthur Jolly, Abby Koenig, James Joseph Barnes, Eric James, Elizabeth Earle, Asher Wyndham and Ted Swindley.

A Shamrock in Vietnam is written by Patricia Barry Rumble and Nicholas Collier.

Recent Happenings

My brand-new, full-length comedy STUCK IN RV LAND had a February 11th reading in Beaumont, Texas. The audience really liked the play and saw its potential. A feedback session after the reading was most beneficial to me. The theatre people that stayed gave me great notes, several possible fixes on some things I was having trouble with… what worked… and why the ending didn’t work.

From the reading and feedback I was able to take all those ideas and rework the script. One of the things that helped me especially was to receive praise from a local college professor. “You write great dialogue,” he said. Some others said, he wouldn’t have stayed to give you feedback if he didn’t think the play had potential.

His feedback for the ending was right on target: “All the characters should be on stage and there must be a resolution there, not off stage. We have to see what happens so we can be a part of that resolution.” It was great advice and just what I needed to hear to fix the ending.