Cast of 3 (1 Caucasian F, 1 Caucasian M, 1 Asian M)

Sandy Thompson was the first American woman to get her wings, flying a bomber in WWII.  In a monologue, she tells her story of the excitement and drama of flying when most women were housewives on the home front. The audience learns some of the amazing history of the WASP (Women Air Service Pilots) program and how these women served as pilots, doing their part as the Greatest Generation. Sandy Thompson is one of the monologues from VOICES OF AMERICA WWII, a play written by Patricia Barry Rumble, featuring real people’s stories.  The WASP photos are “Courtesy of the WASP Archive, The TWU Libraries’ Women’s Collection, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas.”

$20 per performance for Sandy Thompson. $50 for the 3 monologues in VOICES OF AMERICA WWII

Please email for a copy of the script.