10 characters – 4M 6F. About 1 hour … 4 set pieces.

In Peter Rabbit & Friends all your children’s (and your) favorite characters from Beatrice Potter’s classic story come alive onstage. A perfect choice for the Spring/Easter season. Little children will absolutely love this show!

Peter is a bright-eyed charmer who revels in teasing his sisters. Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail. Adorable little Flopsy and peacemaker Mopsy love Peter’s sense of humor, but serious Cottontail doesn’t think Peter is funny at all!  Plus, Cottontail is always trying to stop Peter from going to Mr. McGregor’s garden but fun-loving Peter is never afraid. He just wants to go on an adventure. The action abounds as Peter narrowly escapes from Mr. McGregor in his garden, and later, Peter, with his absent-minded cousin Benjamin Bunny, encounter Mr. McGregor’s cat.

The language and comedy of this play is true to the period of the piece in an age of innocence. It’s fun and a delight for the entire family!

You can purchase the Kindle ebook of The Tale of Peter Rabbit on Kindle.

$40 per performance.  PayPal