Great-grandmother Lisette may have lived most of her life in Texas, but her roots go deep into the Cajun soil of Louisiana.  Now, as her family (her twin 70- year-old daughters), her grand-daughter and her teenager great-granddaughter, gather around her and argue amongst themselves, Lisette is retreating more and more into the memories of her early years … with her beloved, late husband Jacques who appears to her as a ghost, beckoning her to follow him. Does she still have time, is she still able, to find someone to take and treasure the legacy she has to pass on?

The play Au Revoir, Cher Bébé  (Goodbye, Sweet Baby) has a number of readings in the New York public libraries through Playwrights Preview Productions (now Urban Stages).  A short scene was included in an evening of shorts at the Robey Theatre in L.A.

Design/Tech Considerations (Scenery, Costumes, Lighting, Sound):

The sound design requires a Cajun fiddle.  Every time the ghost of the Cajun great-grandfather appears, we hear that haunting sound of the fiddle. The set design features a back porch with a handicap ramp that leads to the park nearby. Much of the action takes place in the kitchen with “memory scenes” happening in the bedroom and in the back yard.

Other considerations (Language, content, difficulty, etc.):

Two characters: the great-grandmother and great-grandfather speak with a heavy Cajun accented English.  There is a smattering of Cajun French in the play for flavor, just enough so that the audience will hear the beauty of the language.  As for the other characters, because the twin daughters grew up in Texas, they have a Texas accent. The grand-daughter who left early on, moving to New Mexico has a more middle America-accented English, as does her daughter.

This play has not been produced but has had numerous readings in New York, LA and Houston.  The script is available through the author at Playitstore. Royalty fees are $85 per performance. Please email or call 713 784 9400 to request a PDF of the script.

About playitstore

Playwright for 30 years, most recent awards, winner of PlayFest for Texas Educational Theatre Association two years in a row, with LITTLE RED and THE JOY OF LITTLE LEAGUE. Four plays published: THE SNOW QUEEN by Brooklyn, A MOTHER GOOSE COMEDY by Pioneer Drama Services and with Dramatic Publishing, LITTLE SCROOGE and THE ARCHER AND THE PRINCESS. Most recent productions: PETER RABBIT & FRIENDS in Hong Kong, April 2016 and SANDY THOMPSON at the 1st Annual Fort Worth Fringe Fest 2016.