BREAKING OUT OF SUNSET PLACE January 24 – February 10, 2019
HOUSTON, TX – Queensbury Theatre is proud to announce the world premiere of Breaking Out of Sunset Place, playing January 24 – February 10, 2019.
“We are thrilled to be co-producing the world premiere of Patricia Barry Rumble’s play Breaking Out of Sunset Place with the Pantheon of Women and Roselle Baldwin Productions at Queensbury Theatre. As a director, I am excited to collaborate with Patricia on her new play and to work with this outstanding team of women. At Queensbury, we believe in the importance of cultivating new work, and we cannot wait to share this hilarious and heartfelt play with Houston audiences,” said Marley Singletary, Producing Executive Director.
About The Show: 
Breaking Out of Sunset Place is a geriatric “Thelma and Louise plus One” comedy. Two best friends Maudie and Emmy decide to take back their independence, “commandeer a car” and break out of Sunset Place. But when Emmy’s dreaded roommate Olivia learns of their plans, they are forced to take her with them or she will tell! Each woman has her own reason for the break out. We root for, laugh and cry with these feisty ladies on their cross-country romp, from Texas to Louisiana on to Georgia, heading for Florida. There’s something for everyone in this fall-off-your chair funny and heartfelt story of the ladies of Sunset Place! By Texas playwright Patricia Barry Rumble.
“I’m thrilled to be part of an all-female producing team and having theatre-veteran Marley Singletary direct only adds to the strength of this world premiere. I look forward to seeing audiences leave their age at the door and experience a hilarious tale of 3 seniors on the run,” said Roselle Baldwin, Managing Producer.
Pantheon Producers aims to produce compelling, character-driven, commercial narratives that are also inclusive and entertaining. We strive to populate our projects with women, in front of and behind the camera, and to encourage ethnic and cultural diversity in support of stories that have universal appeal and resonance.
Our founders, Alicia Goodrow, Donna Fujimoto Cole, and Deborah Kainer, are trailblazing women who have excelled in businesses that are not traditionally considered female driven. They routinely ignored conventional wisdom and in the process created entirely new and successful business paradigms. They approach the entertainment industry with the same innovative, idiosyncratic, and pragmatic ethos.
Roselle Baldwin Productions 
Roselle Baldwin is a Tony Award-winning theatre producer and live entertainment consultant. Recent co-producing credits include The Band’s Visit, and FunHome. Coming this Spring, Off-Broadway Secret Life of Bees and Tootsie opening on Broadway.
In addition to producing her own projects, she supports young artist and new work projects in Texas and New York. Roselle is a board member at Theatre Under the Stars, an ambassador for the Houston Theatre District, an Advisory Board member of Houston Arts Alliance and a patron to several regional performing arts educational institutions.
Tickets range from $30-$50. Parking is free for all patrons.
Single tickets are now on-sale at
12777 Queensbury Lane, Houston, TX 77024