Cast of 6 (3F, 3M) or 4 (2 F, 2 M)

Little Red is a very modern take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood. A shy teenager, Little Red helps her grandmother with the social media for Granny’s Café.  Granny Red, a retired country music star, owns the super successful diner, made famous with Little Red’s help and with a very special pet, their giant chicken Gallinita.  Enter the Big Bad Wolf, a money-hungry businessman scheming to take over the place. Can Little Red stop him before he takes over the café and Storytown, too?  And will Little Red be able to find her own voice and save the day?


Cost of royalties: $50 per performance, which includes performance tape mp3 and vocal recordings of original songs imp mp3.  Please email for a copy of the script.

About playitstore

Playwright for 30 years, most recent awards, winner of PlayFest for Texas Educational Theatre Association two years in a row, with LITTLE RED and THE JOY OF LITTLE LEAGUE. Four plays published: THE SNOW QUEEN by Brooklyn, A MOTHER GOOSE COMEDY by Pioneer Drama Services and with Dramatic Publishing, LITTLE SCROOGE and THE ARCHER AND THE PRINCESS. Most recent productions: PETER RABBIT & FRIENDS in Hong Kong, April 2016 and SANDY THOMPSON at the 1st Annual Fort Worth Fringe Fest 2016.