Freely adapted from the original

Adventures of Pinocchio

In The New Pinocchio, (a mini-musical) adapted by Patricia Barry Rumble, with music and lyrics by Rock Barry & Sammie Ammons, the story is very updated. Pinocchio no longer has strings; he is operated by remote control. But Gepetto, the inventor, doesn’t quite know how to use the remote, which makes for a lot of comedy. When Gepetto wishes for a real son, the Blue Fairy comes to grant his wish — but first Pinocchio must prove he is brave, honest, generous and kind, in order to become a real boy. This 45-minute mini-musical has 10 characters, which a cast of four can play with doubling. Pinocchio is always Pinocchio … and of course, if he tells a lie, his nose will grow. The play also features some delightful new characters: Filippo the Dog; C. Cool Cat; the Puppeteer; Stragone, the Fun-Fun Island Master, and some bad kids.

In the summer of 2012 Express Children’s Theatre ran Pinocchio for 50 performances, with both in-house shows and tours of the show throughout the Houston area. Audiences, both young and old alike, loved this production.

Listen to a medley of 4 Pinocchio songs. ‘If I Had a Son’, ‘Listen To Your Heart’, ‘Bring Me the Bad Kids’ & ‘I’m a Real Boy’.

The original music is by Rock Barry & Sammie Ammons who also did the musical arrangement.

You can purchase the Kindle ebook of The New Pinocchio on Kindle.

$60 per performance through PayPal.  This royalty fee per performance, includes 4 original songs with vocals and the performance track for the show … on mp3

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